Countertop Installation

Countertop installation requires an adequate amount of knowledge and skills. It is vital to study the process so that when you let us install countertops in your kitchen, you know what to do and what to expect.  Moreover, we have multiple countertops options you can choose from. You can pick whether you want to use granite, quartz, laminate, marble, or other available materials.

Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee is here to help you with your countertop installation needs whether you are considering a complete kitchen remodel, small kitchen remodel, or a custom kitchen remodeling project. We will guide you every step of the way. Want to know about our kitchen countertop installation process? Continue reading down below.

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Kitchen Countertop Installation Process and Standards

Not familiar with countertop installation? Do not worry! Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee is here to help you understand every part of the process. See below how we do our countertop installation projects:

Once you order the countertop you like, we will wait for it to arrive. The transportation of the countertop is also necessary to mention because countertops are very fragile. So, transporting it needs a lot of care, and only experts should do it.

If you ordered a granite countertop, companies would transport it using either a metal or a wood frame. Of course, metal is the best frame to use, but wood can also get the job right.

When the countertop is in our possession, we will perform the required measurements to make sure everything fits perfectly. Then, our contractors will start removing or tearing your old countertops. This process involves removing each countertop carefully from the cabinets.

Plumbing comes next. However, we only ask for licensed plumbers to do this task because most installers are usually not authorized by the law to handle the plumbing.

After the preparation, we will now bring in your countertops and gently place them on your cabinets. This process is quite challenging because a tiny mistake can delay the installation and damage the countertop. So, make sure that the path where your countertop will pass through is free from obstacles.

There are situations when there is a need to cut a part of your wall to fit the countertop. Though, it is not a bad thing. You don’t have to worry because we will fix your wall as if nothing happened.

Leveling is an essential element in any kitchen remodeling process. It makes sure that all countertop pieces are leveled. This process is done using a short and long level placed all over the segments of your countertop.

In this part of the process, your countertop pieces are joint using glue materials depending on the type of countertop you have. When we glue together the countertops pieces, we will ensure that the joints are smooth and almost invisible.

After the joints, it is time to glue down the countertops onto the cabinets using clear silicone adhesive. This ensures that no pieces will fall regardless of any movement. Our contractors will never forget to do this part because it is vital for a sturdy countertop.

Using silicone adhesive is the best way to glue your countertop to your wooden cabinet. We will apply the silicone on top of the cabinet to carefully align and place the countertop.

Using a grinder, the installer will core holes on your countertop where the faucet is aligned. This part is critical and needs utmost attention because a single mistake can damage your gorgeous countertop. So, it is best that you only hire Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee for this task because we are confident with our skills. No error will occur when we handle your countertop installation.

After coring the holes, our contractors will then place your sink. It is essential to hang your sink after coring the holes so that not a single dust will touch your newly installed sink.

After the installation process, we will clean the whole area, so it becomes nice and tidy. Also, this is the perfect chance to do your inspection of the job work. See if there are any scratches or other issues you find and tell us immediately. But with our expert contractors, we are sure that you will never find such things because our team is very cautious when doing their jobs.

Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee is your number one partner when it comes to countertop installation. We have trained professionals that can assist you with your project, so you don’t have to worry even though you know nothing about countertop installation. Just call our team, and we will organize your request as soon as possible.

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