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Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee has been providing flooring installation services and a wide array of flooring options to the residents of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for a lot of years already. Our expert team takes great pride in the facilities and aids we offer. We provide free consultation for maximum customer satisfaction and convenience.

Our team guarantees that all the jobs we handle will have the best results you cannot find in other contractors. Moreover, we love to serve our clients and see the smile on their faces. You will never encounter inconveniences when working with Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee.

kitchen flooring installation milwaukee

Kitchen Flooring Installation Milwaukee, WI

Regardless of what material you want for your flooring, whether you prefer ceramic tile, hardwood, or laminate, your kitchen will look amazing. While it is essential to keep the appeal of your surface, it is also crucial that you choose a flooring that is durable and comfortable to step on.

However, it is not possible to have all flooring types have sky-high resale value, affordability, and superb durability. When you plan to install new kitchen flooring, it is paramount that you know enough about the materials you can use. We listed the five most common kitchen flooring types and their fundamentals so you can have a better idea of what option will suit you best.

Many homeowners prefer wood floors because it gives their kitchen a classy feel. Since the kitchen is in use multiple times a day, hardwood flooring is much recommended than softwood flooring. In addition, you might want to consider only lighter woods because scratches and dirt are not too visible compared to when using darker woods.

If you are thinking about hardwood flooring, you might want to consider bamboo wood. Bamboo floors are durable and can survive for many years. They also grow fast, which is regarded as environmentally friendly than other types of trees.

Hardwood flooring is also appealing to house hunters. With its natural beauty and authentic wood details, it can hardly be beaten by other types of flooring materials. The resale value of a house with hardwood flooring is also high because this type of flooring can remain gorgeous for decades.

There are many available colors for travertine flooring, from beige to reddish-brown, gold, and ivory. You can also choose if you want the finish to be matte, tumbled, polished, or brushed. If you are going to go for an antique look, you should choose toppled or grazed travertine. Most homebuyers love the appeal of travertine. It is long-lasting and stiff to chip and scratch. You can also opt for tumbled travertine so you can avoid having slippy flooring.

Our kitchen is prone to accidents such as food spills, fallen utensils, and splatters; such can hurt your flooring. Thus, choosing laminate flooring can be the best solution for your kitchen. Laminate flooring mimics the design of hardwood or tile and is affordable.

It is easy to clean and resists scrapes and tints. If you can’t afford hardwood flooring, the laminate option can offer realistic wood finishes that come in a wide array of styles. Moreover, laminate flooring is the best option for savvy homeowners.

Tile is always a great flooring choice for most kitchens. It looks sophisticated, clean, easy to maintain, and is durable for everyday use. There are many tile designs and materials you can select – including marble, ceramic, and porcelain.

Moreover, you can choose between hundreds of printed tile designs for your kitchen flooring because of how advanced technology has become. Because of this vast selection, you are sure to find the best suitable tile option for you.

You can find different forms of vinyl flooring, namely; vinyl sheets, tile, and vinyl plank. Vinyl flooring also comes in a variety of styles, designs, and colors. It also has several installation methods that include peel and stick, click and clock, and glue down.

The most extreme part of vinyl flooring is that it does not chip and can handle moisture which is a perfect option for any kitchen. Furthermore, it is comfortable to walk on, a convenience for older family members and those with foot injuries. Its low-costing price also makes vinyl a promising flooring option.

We hope that we made your kitchen flooring plan easier with this guide. Please contact our team if you have further questions regarding this project. Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee will always be ready to assist you.

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