Small Kitchen Remodel

Are you tired of seeing your small kitchen that looks so outdated? Does it stress you and stops you from enjoying cooking? Don’t worry! There are many solutions to fix that problem, and the best one is through small kitchen remodeling.

Small kitchen remodeling is a great way to enhance the appeal of your space, regardless of its size. However, you can’t do this project without proper preparation and knowledge and the help of professional contractors like Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee. So, to guide you, here are three essential matters to consider before proceeding with your project.

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Be Clear With Your Goal

Do you have a reason why you plan on renovating your kitchen? Is it for your use, or are you thinking about putting your house on the market? It would help if you take note of these questions before proceeding with your kitchen remodel project.

If remodeling your kitchen is only for your satisfaction, you can go and personalize your space according to your style. However, if you plan on selling your home in the future, it is best to remodel your kitchen based on today’s trend.

Budget Wisely

After you finalize your goal, it is time to estimate the total of your small kitchen remodel cost. It would help if you thought of the parts you want to upgrade, then ask our professionals about the expected expense for your project. This is important so you know if you can afford a total makeover or just simple upgrades.

Plan your Kitchen Layout

If you plan on renewing your kitchen layout, then ideally, you should prepare a bigger budget than if you want to retain the old structure of your room. The latter will give you the chance to save more money since you don’t require plumbing or electrical work.

How much does a small kitchen remodel increase your home’s value?

Small kitchen remodeling is an excellent choice if you plan on selling your house one to two years from now. When homeowners plan on having a small kitchen remodel, they expect to receive a recoup on their total cost. The average ROI for a kitchen renovation is estimated to be 81%, which means if your total cost is $20,000, then expect a $17,000 ROI. Though, you can always consult with a professional real estate agent for this matter.

How to update a small kitchen on a budget?

Do you have a tight budget for your small kitchen remodel endeavor? Do not fret because you can still do more with your current spending limit. You only need to add creativity to make your kitchen look like a space fit for millionaires.

Adding bright colors and unique patterns can give a decent upgrade to your room without burning a hole in your pocket. To help you with your small kitchen remodel on a budget, here are some money-saving tips mentioned below:

The whole kitchen cabinetry is costly to install and maintain. It also darkens your kitchen and overeats space. Thus, installing floating shelves is the best alternative and also the most cost-effective option. Likewise, you can choose any design and colors for your floating shelves to create the feel you want for your kitchen.

If you own a white island in your kitchen, adding colorful bar stools can be brilliant. It will be an excellent spot where you prepare meals while having a fun conversation with someone.

Remnants are the best money-savers for your kitchen countertop needs. They are still like the standard slabs you can get but with irregular shapes. Moreover, you can purchase thinner slabs to save more of your budget.

Pendant lights are also money-saving fixtures you can add to your kitchen. It enhances the beauty of your dining table and highly complements the main attractions of your kitchen space.

A small kitchen remodel has many factors involved, which adds to the time it takes to finish. It can take weeks to months, depending on the amount of work that needs attention.

Keep in mind that unexpected matters might occur that could delay the process for hours or even days. The contractor you choose is also essential to your remodeling timetable. Thus, hiring a reputable business like Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee is vital to your project.

Our team of contractors and designers is excellent at handling small kitchen remodel projects in a reasonable amount of time. We make sure that we meet all your expectations, from pricing to schedule and the result you want. Kitchen Remodel Milwaukee will never fail at satisfying your renovation needs. Reach our agents now so we can start planning for your project.

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